Our 5 Research goals

Our research focus is broadly focused on 5 goals: 

Enhancing Understanding and Capacity

We recognise the need to deepen the broader Australian community's understanding of the histories, cultures, and rights of First Nations peoples. To this end, we will develop educational materials, conduct research, and host forums that facilitate informed discussions on issues pertinent to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Promoting Social and Emotional Wellbeing

KRAI will advocate for policies and initiatives that are grounded in the social and emotional wellbeing of Indigenous Australians. By collaborating with health organisations and community leaders, we aim to support programs that are culturally appropriate and effective in addressing the unique challenges faced by our communities.

Economic Prosperity and Self-Reliance

Economic independence is a cornerstone of self-determination. KRAI will work to identify opportunities for economic development, support Indigenous entrepreneurship, and advocate for equitable access to markets and resources.

Advancing Self-Determination and Treaty

The path towards self-determination, including treaty-making processes, is a pivotal aspect of our mission. We will engage with legal experts, policymakers, and community advocates to explore models of governance and treaty that uphold the rights and aspirations of First Nations peoples.

Justice and Representation

KRAI is committed to addressing the systemic injustices that continue to affect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We will strive to ensure that Indigenous voices are heard in judicial and legislative reforms, and that our communities are adequately represented in decision-making processes.